Plato's CHORA Ltd

Impact: Practitioner Impacts

Description of impact

This is a commercial entity that exports the intellectual assets of academia in support of creative practice.

Who is affected

Creative Practitioners and their Clients


CHORA is conceived of as a place where the as yet unimagined is revealed. The genesis of CHORA lies in supporting creative practices in revealing and articulating their particular identity that is subsequently projected into the world through a diverse range of media. An exemplar of this activity id the manifesto developed in collaboration with PAD Studio, that defines the ethos and values of the practice an d has become a central element of their web-presence.

In addition, CHORA has subsequently supported creative practitioners in defining and articulating project narratives tangibly articulated (for example) within feasibility studies, development appraisals and design and access statements submitted as part of formal planning applications.

CHORA represents a vehicle through which the theoretical and intellectual values of the academy inform and support creative practice, specifically within architecture, and by implication enhance the quality and credibility of built projects.

Impact statusOpen
Impact dateMay 2017Dec 2019
Category of impactPractitioner Impacts
Impact levelBenefit (delivered impact)


  • Praxis
  • Creative Practice
  • architecture
  • academia