REF 2021 Impact Case Study: Blue Governance for Healthy Oceans and Economies


    Description of impact

    Pierre Failler is the leading exponent of ‘Blue Governance’ (BG), an approach to managing aquatic ecosystems that combines and expands upon Blue Growth (BGr) and Blue Economy (BE) strategies. It places ecosystems and their governance at the forefront of decision-making, positioning them as the central component of sustainable economic policies that pertain to marine environments and resources. Failler’s research and engagement with stakeholders is significant as it has led to the improved design [and ongoing] implementation of more sustainable ocean management policies at both international and national level:
    At the international level, Failler’s vision of BG has gone beyond shaping global policy discourses on how ecosystems are valued and their contribution to human wellbeing, to the more practical issue of designing regional BE strategies and toolkits. This is most evident in the African case, where his recommendations have been incorporated into the regional strategies of the African Union (54 countries) (Impact 1). At the national level, Failler’s research has led to the design of localised BG strategies that are now being implemented in various countries, including the Bahamas (Americas), Bangladesh (Asia), and the Seychelles (Africa) (Impact 2).
    Impact statusClosed
    Impact date20142020


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