REF 2021 Impact Case Study: Cognitive Credibility Assessment: Changing interrogation and training policy and practice to enhance lie detection in security, military and forensic and settings


Description of impact

Cognitive Credibility Assessment (CCA), pioneered by the Vrij team at Portsmouth, has transformed military and intelligence interrogation policy and practice across security and counter-terrorism agencies, including the FBI (US), the [text removed for publication] and the Ministry of Home Affairs (Singapore). CCA is an ethical, information-gathering, lie detection procedure that capitalises on differences in the cognitive processing and strategies that truth tellers and liars use. CCA field trials demonstrate lie detection rates of 90%. As a result, CCA has enhanced security and informed interrogation policy, best practice guidelines and training in the US, UK and Singapore. To date, 18,000+ officers across US, UK and Singapore have been trained in the use of CCA.
Impact statusOpen
Impact date1 Sep 2014


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