REF 2021 Impact Case Study: Contemporary creative practice research: securing the future for ‘art-zines’ and artists’ books


Description of impact

Dr Jackie Batey’s internationally recognized art-illustration practice-based research has influenced the development of independently-published artists’ books and ‘art-zines’ as distinctive creative forms, shaped institutional approaches to their acquisition and preservation and widened accessibility to these ephemeral forms of creative practice. Batey’s renowned creative practice research consists of an extensive 20-year corpus of independently-published artists’ books and art-zines. Her construction of a field-defining digital research and dissemination platform for art-zines (181,189 website/blog visits) has increased participation and visibility of non-academic artists. Batey’s research led directly to curatorial engagement with world-leading institutions and significantly influenced the scope of permanent collections of 89 national and international museums, archives and art institutions, forming an important new historical record and resource.
Impact statusOpen
Impact date2014


  • REF2021