REF 2021 Impact Case Study: Enhancing and professionalising training for new police recruits and police tutor constables


Description of impact

Sarah Charman’s research has led to the transformation of policy and practice around a vital area of police training, first for Hampshire Constabulary, and subsequently in new national College of Policing standards, implemented for all new police recruits in England and Wales. “Tutoring” is a long-established and fundamental part of police training, in which new recruits enter frontline practice under the guidance of an experienced colleague. It can have a profound influence on their future development as police officers. Charman’s research into the culture of tutoring has fundamentally changed both local and national approaches to the training and development of new police recruits and tutor-constables. This impact has further extended internationally, to the development of new standards for national police tutoring across five Nordic countries.
Impact statusOpen
Impact date2019


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