REF 2021 Impact Case Study: Improved patient health and reduced burden on NHS services through new interventions for chronic respiratory conditions

  • Chauhan, Anoop (Participant)
  • Carole Lesley Fogg (Participant)
  • Sally Anne Kilburn (Participant)
  • Reuben Ogollah (Participant)
  • Prytherch, David (Participant)
  • Shute, Jan (Participant)
  • Bernard Robert Higgins (Participant)


Description of impact

Respiratory crisis, such as severe difficulty breathing, occurs when chronic respiratory diseases go undiagnosed or are poorly managed. A series of community-based programmes delivered an entirely new model for the assessment and care of individuals with chronic respiratory symptoms. A multidisciplinary team provided early identification of patients at risk from poorly-controlled disease and upskilled both patient and primary care providers to improve self-management to keep patients better and more independent. This resulted in significant reductions in respiratory crises (37-89%), associated unscheduled hospital admissions (55-100%), medication needs (e.g. halving antibiotic use in asthmatic patients) and associated costs to the NHS (saving between GBP90 and GBP490 per patient). Benefits were long-lasting, with quality of life improved in 75% of patients six months after the MISSION Asthma clinics. Recommended by NICE, our novel, one-stop assessment-and-care approach is now in use nationally and has been successfully applied in other long-term health conditions, including diabetes and dementia.
Impact statusClosed
Impact date1 Jan 201531 Jul 2020


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