REF 2021 Impact Case Study: Managing traumatised witnesses of terror: Developing a therapeutic jurisprudence framework


Description of impact

The Centre of Forensic Interviewing (CoFI), led by Prof Rebecca Milne, is at the global forefront of research into police interview techniques. Its research on best practice in dealing with traumatised interviewees was drawn on directly in the aftermath of recent terror attacks. CoFI research has demonstrated the vital importance of careful triage of victims and witnesses using appropriate interview techniques, both to avoid further harm, and to extract essential investigative information rapidly and effectively. This research now forms the basis of Witness Interview Strategies for Critical Incidents (WISCI), a framework for policy and practice adopted by UK police nationally, and by international partner organisations. This is a vital contribution to public safety confronted with an increasing threat, and reality, of major terror attacks.
Impact statusClosed
Impact date20132020


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