REF 2021 Impact Case Study: Performing the Musical Archive: Transforming musical repertoires, programming, practices and understandings through research


Description of impact

Archival research by George Burrows and Colin Jagger has enhanced repertoires for performance, produced new strands of programming and established changes in the practices of performers and musical organisations in the UK and internationally. For audiences, as much as musicians, it has transformed conceptions of musical works and repertories and the practices and values that come with them. In that respect, Burrows and Jagger have illuminated transformative critical discourses about musical authenticity and textual fixity, gendered performance conventions and racialized musical styles. These arise from the diverse range of works and performances researched by Burrows and Jagger, which extends from early 1800s versions of Handel’s Messiah, through stage and concert music of the Victorian era, to post-war jazz. Through their published critical editions, practice-research work, and performance-supporting research, Burrows and Jagger have facilitated performer and audience engagement with significant if unfamiliar works and new authoritative takes on famous music. They have thereby changed repertoires, practices and understandings in profound and ongoing ways.
Impact statusClosed
Impact date20132020


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