REF 2021 Impact Case Study: Protecting workers in arduous occupations


Description of impact

Research from the University of Portsmouth (UoP) has improved the safety and protection of workers undertaking a range of arduous occupations, across terrestrial, aquatic and aerial environments. It has defined the requirements and evaluation process for a GBP250,000,000 next generation, load-carriage and body-armour system, that has improved the protection and fighting capability of the British Army. Where British soldiers have become injured operating in extreme hot or cold conditions, our research has improved their care through impacts on clinical practice and diagnosis accuracy. Our new approaches to defining occupational task demands and physical employment standards (PES) have changed the policies of defence, emergency service and third-sector groups, and informed UK Government flood rescue guidance. This has improved work-place equality, changed training, reduced injuries and increased safety. Our research has also underpinned international aviation-safety legislation, defined the European Standard for aviation-safety equipment, and changed training practices for workers flying offshore; this has protected more than 850,000 passengers in the oil and gas industry each year.
Impact statusClosed
Impact date1 Aug 201331 Jul 2020


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