REF 2021 Impact Case Study: Reviving the Feminist History of Portsmouth


Description of impact

The city of Portsmouth, dominated by its naval dockyard, has traditionally celebrated and commemorated the achievements of men, and was considered little touched by feminism. However, the research expertise of Dr Sue Bruley and Dr Laurel Forster, in collaboration with local community groups, has led to the rediscovery of a history of feminist campaigning since the 1960s. With Heritage Lottery Fund support, this project has had a positive impact upon its participants, the local community and a global audience. The women whose stories are now preserved forever have experienced validation and increased self-esteem. Wider groups who attended events and participated in the project now have a changed and better-informed understanding of this history. And a growing global audience, increasingly able to access this new record through archive availability and online media, is being educated and inspired to action by the potential power of ordinary women’s life narratives and grassroots activism.
Impact statusClosed
Impact dateJul 2014Oct 2020


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