REF 2021 Impact Case Study: Standards and Standardisation - National and International Standards Development for the field of Human Resources


Description of impact

Standards are a critical feature of contemporary business operations yet, historically, there has been a lack of standards governing professional practise as an emerging field of Human Resource Management (HRM). Valerie Anderson’s research has also shown that HRM practitioners currently have a tendency to prioritise responsiveness over process harmonisation and standardisation. Her research argues that as a consequence there is a real need to ensure consistent, coherent and effective HR practices in organisations, and that these objectives can best be accomplished by working with organisations (national and international) to transform standards-setting in the HRM field.
Her research has been instrumental in the development of new professional HR standards at both the National (British Standards Institute [BSI] national standards for HRM, the Greater London Authority [GLA] Good Work Standard) and international (International Organization for Standardization [ISO] HR standards development) level (Impact 1). The growing adoption and implementation of such standards across the sector provide further testament to the reach and significance of the impacts resulting from Anderson’s research (Impact 2).
Impact statusClosed
Impact date20142020


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