REF 2021 Impact Case Study: The European Xenopus Resource Centre: supporting the 3Rs, enhancing the efficiency of biomedical research and improving the diagnosis of rare genetic diseases


Description of impact

The EXRC at the UoP provides quality-assured frog lines, reagents and services to over 180 laboratories worldwide and is a lead for the Xenopus community. Since 2013, it has developed methods and approaches that have reduced and refined the use of frogs in experimentation and driven the incorporation of ‘3Rs’ in animal research into policy and practice. EXRC research and activities have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the global Xenopus research base and enhanced the capability and competitiveness of international companies supporting European chemical regulation. Research to clarify variants of unknown significance associated with rare genetic disorders has transformed the speed of diagnosis and provided clinicians with the knowledge to develop targeted interventions for treatment or management.
Impact statusClosed
Impact date1 Aug 2013 → 31 Dec 2020


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