REF 2021 Impact Case Study: Transforming the complex legacies of John Ruskin for his modern-day heirs


Description of impact

Frost’s research into the history of John Ruskin and the Guild of St George has built awareness of the Guild’s past in order to shape its practice in the present. A prominent Victorian Utopian organisation, the Guild was created in 1871 by John Ruskin as an attempt to pioneer sustainable alternatives to a socially and environmentally exploitative economy. It thrives today as a charitable body with 300 international members involved in arts, crafts, environment, conservation, agriculture, social policy, and education. Frost’s research helped the Guild successfully address the darker side of its Victorian heritage, while reaching out through exhibitions and public events to promote its enduring ideals. It was thus enabled to foster economic, cultural, artisanal, and community activities in and beyond the Guild’s heartlands in Sheffield and the Wyre Forest, and to direct new attention to Ruskin’s visionary environmental and social critique of Victorian modernity.
Impact statusClosed
Impact date20142019


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