REF2014 Impact Case Study: A World First in Flight Safety: University of Portsmouth Academics Bring Avionic Data Analysis into the 21st Century

Impact: Economic & Commercial Impacts

Description of impact

A Portsmouth team has helped revolutionise how flight data from aircraft flight recorders is being analysed. This has improved the corporate performance of a leading UK company in a globally competitive market by helping it expand its business in the UK and to subsequently compete in the dynamic North American market. The techniques developed were subsequently applied in a new market, enabling the new corporate partner to realise savings estimated at £100,000 p.a.

Who is affected

Aerospace industry; Air traffic control providers; Commercial production companies.


Historically, data was manually evaluated on a flight by flight basis. Research by the Portsmouth team means such data can now be analysed automatically by artificial intelligence (AI), saving significant man-hours, and allowing the company to diversify domestically into a related market and to expand internationally. This Impact case study demonstrates how applied OR research can be employed to help a company grow its income stream and establish an international presence. It further illustrates how intellectual advances in one production domain (flight data analysis) can be modified to produce commercial benefits in a related production domain (dairy machines).
Impact statusOpen
Category of impactEconomic & Commercial Impacts
Impact levelBenefit (delivered impact)


  • Aircraft flight safety, novelty detection


  • REF2014