The Force Re-Awakens: World Star Wars Audiences at European Celebration

Impact: Cultural & Creative Impacts, Economic & Commercial Impacts

Description of impact

I am part of research group examining the cultural and industrial impact of the Star Wars franchise following its take-over by Disney in 2012.
We aim to gather data from fans around the world about their reaction to the first new film, The Force Awakens, and continue to research the impact the franchise has as it releases new films.
We want to analyse how fans interact with the new films, anticipate new stories and characters and how Disney exploits new media platforms and transmedia storytelling

Who is affected

In getting to meet the fans and find out what they think about the Star Wars franchise we aim to attend the European Star Wars Celebration convention at London’s ExCeL, 15-17 July 2016.
This will give the research team the chance to meet fans and talk face to face about their favourite films, surrounded by stalls, merchandise, celebrities and producers.
As well as being able to meet with fans attending the Celebration event affords me the opportunity to make contact with the creative industries, those whose business it is to sell and produce Star Wars – in all its various forms and guises.
The Innovation Accelerator Award will allow me to enter into this environment and create space for applied research. Targeting stakeholders in the Star Wars universe and promoting my academic expertise to businesses, I will be engaging with fan and professional markets often cut-off from traditional academic researchers.


We can use Star Wars Celebration as a model for how academics can engage with smaller business.It is about promoting the Star Wars research project but also the University of Portsmouth and the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries.Being at Celebration is a practical means to bridge the gap between academics, fans, and the entertainment industry.Promoting my research, our talents & our creative resources.
Impact statusOpen
Impact date15 Jul 201617 Jul 2016
Category of impactCultural & Creative Impacts, Economic & Commercial Impacts
Impact levelAdoption (implementation stage)


  • Star Wars
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