UK MoD Defence Concepts and Doctrine Centre Future Operating Concepts 2040: Consultation on behalf of RAND Corporation Europe for the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO):

Impact: Public Policy Impacts

Description of impact

Consulted on UK Deterrence policy at this workshop. The outcome of the workshop was an internal policy paper contributing to the next UK Integrated Strategic and Defence review paper.

Who is affected

Contributed to UK defence and strategic policy


• Invited to attend this select group workshop with 10 leading specialists from UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) UK Navy, FCDO, RAND Corporation, Royal United Services and University of Oslo to discuss the future of deterrence planning.
• The consultation addressed the impact of emerging technologies on the character of deterrence in the 21st century.
Impact statusOpen
Impact date5 Jul 2023
Category of impactPublic Policy Impacts
Impact levelEngagement (development stage)


  • Deterrence
  • Defence
  • Security


  • REF2028