Narrative Solutions: Fresh Start Project

    Prize: Appointment


    This secondment extends a pilot study carried out by Dr Shaalan Farouk (PL Psychology, Roehampton University) and Dr Simon Edwards (SL Youth Studies, University of Portsmouth) in July 2015. The project draws on narrative solutions therapy and informal learning theory to re-engage year 7 and 8 students with their learning. We train senior teaching staff in secondary schools to deliver a 12 week programme of 1-2-1 mentoring sessions with students. The sessions explore the students' life narratives inside and outside school leading to that point. We train staff to listen to and record students perspectives of their experiences and behaviours in school and locate them within this wider historical narrative. Staff then help the student draw on positive experiences from their narratives in order to overcome current issues they face in school, which restrict their learning in class. We also ensure teaching staff develop supportive and collaborative relationships with students and their parents. This includes carrying out home visiting and listening to parents and students at home in order to develop collaborative (between school, parents and students) and supportive working relationships, which enable students to sustain their progress once the university lecturer input has ended.
    Granting OrganisationsSir Robert Woodard Academy


    • Innovation
    • education
    • relationships
    • Identity development / adjustment