Royal Television Society Awards - Student Awards [NOMINATION - BEST DRAMA]

  • Thompson, Ben (Recipient), Boulton, Barnaby Boulton (Recipient), Slavov, Svilen (Recipient) & Lewis, Matthew (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


The RTS - Student Television Awards are for student television work that shows outstanding visual and aural creativity, a mastery of craft skills, innovation, initiative and story-telling. Judges will look in particular for freshness, originality and audience appeal within the constraints of the law and broadcasting practice. The award nomination was for a final year Graduate Film 'A Place For Everything' - A fantasy drama. Whilst searching for his lost stapler at work, Daniel accidentally stumbles upon the lost and found of the universe, where he must work with the mysterious caretaker to reclaim what he has lost. This film has had further success this year in the film festival circuit and winning various short film awards including Winchester Short Film International Festival - The Hampshire Prize and also winning Best Student Film at the Crystal Palace International Film Festival and Short to the Point International Film Festival.
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