TRIF Fellowship Lisa Suguira

Prize: Fellowship awarded competitively


My research focuses on cybercrime and gender. Concentrating on human interaction with technology and the human dimensions of cybercrime and cybersecurity, my research demonstrably aligns with the Human Behaviour and Secure Technologies theme. From exploring how people use the Web to obtain pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs, to the cyberthreats faced by the local community, harassment and abuse on social media; my work has contributed to the understanding of how people behave in online environments. For this strategic fellowship, utilising an interdisciplinary socio-technical approach, gendered perspectives of cybercrime - representations and effects of misogyny/ sexism/ transphobia/ homophobia online will be explored. Such knowledge will help to establish UoP as a contributor to the UKs 2016-2021 National Cybersecurity Strategy’s aim to ensure the UK is secure and resilient to cyber threats. Security within my research extends beyond technological aspects; I bring in the human context within these emerging technologies. Hence interdisciplinarity has been and will continue to be crucial in my work. I consider people’s behaviours, motivations, vulnerabilities, risks and ecosystems of ideas, norms, and practices within technology-enabled environments.