Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

  • Harper, Mick (Recipient), Farrell-Savage, Kirsten (Recipient), Dobson, Lucy (Recipient), Bailey, L. (Recipient), Tarrant, Sam (Recipient), Roster, J. (Recipient), Neve, Ashley (Recipient), Clark, N. J. (Recipient), Jones, Andy (Recipient), O'Neill, J. R. (Recipient), Gray, R. (Recipient), Jackson, C. (Recipient), Zhang, H. (Recipient), Lawrence, H. (Recipient), Kithakye, N. (Recipient), Boyd, M. (Recipient), Mather, N. (Recipient), Stevens, R. (Recipient), Walker, L. (Recipient), Armstrong, C. (Recipient) & Jones, N. (Recipient)

Prize: Prize (including medals and awards)


For outreach work with students and the NHS to provide Basic Life Support training to school children across the Isle of Wight.
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