16-19 Study Programme: Teacher Development Programme

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    The project was commissioned by the Education & Training Foundation. The project focus is on establishing strengths and areas for development in the further education sector in relation to Study Programmes. It will identify further education providers who have implemented effective Study Programmes and use this good practice to design materials and CPD which will benefit the wider post-16 education community.

    Layperson's description

    The project will develop a training package to support further education teachers in England.

    Key findings

    The aims of this project will include:
    1.Establish a clear picture of current practitioners’ confidence, competence and capability in designing and delivering highly effective study programmes.

    2.Collate teaching, learning and assessment strategies used by different organisations i.e. GFE Colleges and Training Providers. Produce a range of high quality/interactive case studies.

    3.Disseminate early findings through national conference.

    4.Develop CPD materials and resources:
    a)Deliver CPD Programme for curriculum leaders/advanced practitioners or similar.
    b)Deliver CPD Programme for in service and pre-service practitioners.
    c)Deliver training days on training needs identified.

    5.Evaluation of E&D. Monitoring and reporting of participation to ensure as a minimum, match with local profile. The research design will enable identification of respondents in terms of; protected characteristics and geographical areas.

    Short titleETF2015-16
    Effective start/end date28/08/15 → 28/03/16


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