20th Century Naval Dockyards: Devonport and Portsmouth Characterisation Report

  • Coats, Ann (PI)
  • Evans, David (CoI)
  • Davies, David (CoI)
  • Riley, Ray (CoI)
  • Coad, Jonathan (CoI)

Project Details


History and characterisation of C20 English Dockyards; description of C20 Devonport and Portsmouth Dockyard architecture, highlighting future opportunities and threats.

Layperson's description

History of C20 English Dockyards and description of C20 Devonport and Portsmouth Dockyard buildings.

Key findings

Portsmouth Dockyard has room to expand, to support two aircraft carriers and frigates. MoD will dispose of Historic South Yard at Devonport Dockyard to commercial enterprises. Devonport North Yard will continue to maintain RN submarines and frigates.
Short title20th Century Naval Dockyards
Effective start/end date12/12/1213/11/15


  • C20 Dockyards
  • Portsmouth Dockyard
  • Devonport Dockyard
  • Dockyard landscapes
  • Historic buildings re-use


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