A KTP concerning Building Energy Management Systems with InTandem Systems Ltd

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The project is a KTP for £343,230 funded by Innovate UK (£229,955) and Intandem Systems Ltd (£113,265).

The project aims to create new environmental models that can be used to create new BEMS to optimize for energy and / or cost. This will be achieved by:
- Modelling
- Control

1 – Feasibility + market review:

Report on state of the art and modelling. Produce data base of testing standards. Report on modelling requirements and research methods. The market review will identify project requirements and future work.

2 – Laboratory scale development:

Document environmental monitoring and evaluate numerical approaches. Select software. Evaluate internal and remote / external sensors. Decide on testing regime for trials. Investigate monitoring of environmental conditions. Produce first prototype energy models. Decide on model constructs. Decide on the testing regime and methodology for laboratory and pilot scale trials based on market requirements to be used. Decide on the general construct of the environmental models.

3 – Software familiarization + assessment and evaluation of Case Study:

Optimise environmental models and develop them to become integral to BEMS. Produce SOP for capture and analysis of the effect of materials. Validate working model with static and dynamic inputs.

4 – New experimental prediction model:

Create a working model showing heat transfer behaviours and develop a new prediction model.

5 – Feasibility and market review:

Report on controllers and technical performance. Evaluate preliminary lab work and report on controller capability and scope for reprogramming. Identify potential hazards and document latest developments and market requirements. Review data and identify areas for improvement.

6 – Control methodology:

Decide on the controller testing regime. Define a testing regime and design controllers. Test controllers. Redesign and re-evaluate. Specify controller conditions for optimal start-stop heating / cooling.

7 – Controller design and evaluation:

Decide on controller design using the non-linear temperature prediction models. Select controller. Monitor pilot scale testing. Produce controller schematics and directory of schematics and components. Define parameters for different sizes and types of system.

8 – Sustainability assessment:

Produce in-house manuals, materials data and guidance documents for the production process. Deliver CPD events and coordinated seminars to transfer knowledge gained throughout the project.
Short titleKTP with InTandem Systems Ltd
Effective start/end date13/08/187/01/22


  • Innovate UK: £109,696.76


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