A novel and reliable Decision Support System (DSS) on recovery route selection in transport logistics for volunteer teams

Project Details


Increasing the reliability of decision-making for the tasks of transport logistics for teams of volunteers play an important role welfare of Ukraine in particular, ensuring the delivery of logistics facilities in conditions of dynamic changes in the external environment during and post-crisis. The results of this project will help teams of volunteers provide the necessary assistance to vulnerable groups of the population as soon as possible, at minimal cost.

This project relates to items 2 (Digitization of social and humanitarian processes in the conditions of military operations and post-war reconstruction of the country) and 32 (Intelligent information and information-analytical technologies, integrated systems of databases and knowledge, national information resources for the sphere of security and defense.) of the research list published by the Ukraine Ministry of Education and Science (MoES, 2022).
Effective start/end date29/03/2331/08/23