A pilot study examining participant’s psychosocial health and staff experiences during an adapted phase 3 cardiac rehabilitation programme: Is a home-based approach feasible?

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Funded by Andover Cardiac Rehabilitation Charity - proposal in development

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Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is a vital service for individuals diagnosed and treated for cardiovascular disease (e.g., heart attack, angina, valve disease). The service helps to improve recovery rates through supporting patients with beneficial lifestyle changes (e.g., physical activity, healthy eating), and coping with emotional distress following a traumatic cardiac event. The environment in which CR is being delivered has changed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, including remote working practices, and in some instances postponing of rehabilitation. Despite the public health rationale for such measures, it is essential to consider the impact of adapted services on patient’s mental
health and physical activity participation, and to consider staff experiences in using remote working regimes. The current study aims to recruit staff and patients from phase 3 cardiac rehabilitation across Hampshire Hospitals
Foundation Trust to explore their experiences of adapted services through a mixed methods study design. Staff and patients will be interviewed over the phone to explore experiences and impacts of Covid-19 with their rich in-depth
viewpoints and stories. In addition, during an 8 week period of rehabilitation, patients will be asked to report and record their physical activity levels with diaries and accelerometers (a wrist worn device measuring movement), record
their resting blood pressure and heart rate, and complete questionnaires to assess changes in mental health. This study could help to understand the impact of the pandemic on cardiac patients recovery and on staff’s experiences
implementing programme changes to assist in preparing for the future of CR post COVID 19.
Short titleThe impact of Covid-19 on cardiac rehab participants and staff
Effective start/end date11/12/2028/10/22


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