A tolerated intolerable: A longitudinal examination of soccer referee abuse in Canada and its impact on health

  • Vaillancourt, Tracy (PI)
  • MacMillan, Harriet (CoI)
  • Kerr, Gretchen (CoI)
  • Webb, Thomas (CoI)
  • Craig, Wendy (CoI)

Project Details


Despite the widespread abuse of sport officials, there is no research on the long-term impact of this type of workplace violence on the health of referees. Accordingly, our main research objectives are to examine the: (1) short- and long-term influence of exposure to workplace violence on physical and mental health, (2) interaction (moderation) effects of individual (e.g., race/ethnicity, gender) and contextual (e.g., workplace characteristics, provincial policies) factors on the relation between violence exposure and health, and (3) indirect (mediation) effects or multiple reciprocal processes on physical and mental health in relation to workplace violence.
Effective start/end date3/04/2320/03/26