An evaluation of the Boogie Mites Parent Music Education Programmes in respect of parents and practitioners

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A £10,000 consultancy and research project which explored and evaluated parent participation in a Early Years music programme designed and run by Boogie Mites.

Layperson's description

An exploration into how an Early Years music programme can support parents to engage in music practice with their children.

Key findings

From the findings it can be suggested that the combination of appropriate and relevant facilitation of early years music making programmes, parent confidence and engagement, and the link between music, home learning and the EYFS prime areas of learning played a key role in children’s and parents’ development. These three aspects need to be viewed holistically and have equal importance in supporting the growth in music practice shown both in parents and children. It is the fusion of these three elements which seems to support the impact the Boogie Mites programmes had as highlighted by the data described in the findings section.
Effective start/end date1/06/131/11/13


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