Analysis of secondary data on staff sexual misconduct in UK higher education

  • Bull, Anna (PI)

Project Details


Staff-student sexual harassment has recently been highlighted as a major issue in higher education by sector bodies (Universities UK, National Union of Students), media outlets (The Guardian, The Independent),and individual institutions (University of Sussex, University of Cambridge).This is an issue that affects gender equality as well as safeguarding within higher education. However, implementing changes in this area is severely hampered by a lack of research evidence, particularly around how institutions deal with reports, and how data is gathered by universities. A large repository of data from18 months of Freedom of Information requests has been gathered by The Guardian as part of their investigative reporting in this area, examining numbers of complaints, type of complaint, and outcomes, among other areas. Only a small amount of this data has been analysed and reported on. This project will employ a research associate to analyse this data and produce a public report and an academic journal article on its findings. This will allow a comprehensive picture of number, type, and outcome of complaints, giving a picture of how staff sexual misconduct is currently being dealt within higher education and allowing a clearer picture of ways forward on this issue.
Effective start/end date1/08/1831/07/19


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