Antartic Bio constructional benthic organisms as proxies for climate change

  • Lombardi, Chiara (PI)
  • Ragazzola, Federica (CoI)
  • Tozzi, Gianluca (CoI)

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The present project aims to identify bioconstructional area in Terranova Bay – which are responsible in increasing Antarctic biodiversity- and to investigate the role of selected species of bioconstructors as proxies for climate changes, especially OA.

The novelty the proposed approach is to directly correlate the biomineral characteristics of the species with the environmental parameters experienced during the last year species growth. The objectives of the projects are to:
i) detect an area rich in bioconstructional organisms in Terranova Bay;
ii) realize an in situ transplant experiment for long period (1 year) at the permanent station in Terranova Bay;
ii) position an environmental probe in the proximity of biological samples for continuous environmental data recording (1 year);
iii) Investigate biomineralization processes on organic and inorganic components in bioconstructors;
iv) prove the importance of such organisms as proxies of environmental variables (temperature, pH) by reconstructing via geochemistry/isotope analyses one year of growth;
v) reconstruct changes in the environmental variables experienced the fossil species kept in Museum collections (the Natural Hisotry Museum of London, British Antarctic Survey, Italian National Museum of Antarctica).
Short titleIceClimaLizers
Effective start/end date4/09/1931/07/22


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