Application of Digital Volume Correlation for measuring strain in bone, biomaterials and porous structures under load

  • Tozzi, Gianluca (PI)
  • Reynolds, Karen (CoI)

Project Details


DVC is a 3D image-based technique (i.e. micro-CT-based) that, when coupled with an in situ mechanical device, enables the experimental measurement of 3D full-field displacement/strain fields in materials/structures undergoing motion or deformation and can therefore be used to calibrate micro-FE models with improved predictive ability. Application of DVC is an innovative and rapidly growing research field internationally, that has multiple uses within the research themes of the Medical Device Research Institute (MDRI), as well as for material science and structural engineering within Flinders University. Dr Tozzi is one of the most expert users of DVC worldwide. A DVC software has been recently purchased by the School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics through a Faculty grant earlier this year. This is the first and only software of this kind, to the best of our knowledge, installed in Australia and probably in the southern hemisphere. Thus, the proposed visit represents a unique opportunity to combine Dr Tozzi’s expertise in DVC with that of our group in Flinders in high resolution micro-CT imaging of bone and biomaterials.

Dr Tozzi will receive a 9,480AUD as a contribution towards living/travel expenses and will be given the title of Honorary Visiting Scholar at Flinders University.
Effective start/end date1/04/171/06/17


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