Applications of Information Theory to fundamental Physics

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Shannon's information theory of equilibrium states has already underpinned fundamental progress in a diverse range of subjects such as computing, cryptography, telecommunications, physiology, linguistics, biochemical signalling, mathematics and physics.

In this highly interdisciplinary project, the principal investigator (PI) will develop the information theory of non-equilibrium states. This work has the potential to influence further new science areas and to enable new applications, research methods and long-term innovations. The PI will demonstrate the transformative nature of this research by applying the newly developed theory to grand challenges, in very different research fields including digital information technologies, study of genome sequences and cosmology.
Effective start/end date3/06/19 → …


  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council: £11,686.00


  • Information theory
  • Shannon theory
  • Landauer principle
  • Genetics research
  • Bio informatics
  • Digital data stoarge
  • Dark matter
  • Information content of the Universe
  • Information entropy