Assessment and Development of Low Carbon Concrete Block

Project Details


This is going to be a 36 month KTP with Fortis IBA Ltd. The project will be focused towards developing new building materials that are designed to reduce impact on the environment. The incineration bottom ash from energy from waste plants will be the key ingredient of various concrete mix designs (low-carbon), types (standard BS EN 771-3, Lego etc), densities (dense, medium, low) and sizes of blocks. It is anticipated that KTP will allow the production of concrete/building blocks that are durable and resilient and have the required load-bearing capacities, that are also sustainable and carbon-friendly. As the product goes through various phases of development environmental monitoring will be required to satisfy regulatory bodies and clients. The final year of the project will be dedicate to marketing and sales of the products.

There are a few different types of concrete/aggregate blocks in the market which mainly contain natural aggregates and ordinary Portland cement, while some block manufacturers use recycled aggregates or cement replacements but none have specifically looked into utilising IBA(A) as key constitutes for the production of concrete blocks. Fortis is in a unique position, as it already handles IBA and produces IBAA, therefore, diversifying into the concrete building block market is the correct path for the company’s development. Moreover, as Fortis continues to expand its processing facilities, there is a need to develop its business and product portfolio.
Effective start/end date15/01/2319/07/26


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