Beliefs and behaviours associated with pornography consumption

  • Paquette, Sarah (PI)
  • Cailleau, Virginie (CoI)
  • Afonso, Laetitia (CoI)
  • Delbreil, Alexia (CoI)
  • Jaafari, Nematollah (CoI)

Project Details


The overall aim of this study is to develop a better global and cross-sectional understanding of the cognitions and attitudes that maintain problematic online pornography consumption. Specifically, this involves: (1) Identify the nature of the cognitions that maintain problematic consumption of legal and illegal online pornography; (2) Identify the vulnerability factors in men and women associated with problematic consumption of legal and illegal online pornography; (3) To examine the interrelationships between crime-supportive cognitions and crime-related sexual factors among different offender subgroups (cyber-sex offenders, contact sex offenders and non-sex offenders); (4) Propose avenues for intervention with patients reporting problematic consumption of legal pornography, as well as avenues for primary and secondary prevention of illegal pornography consumption.

Key findings

The sample will be comprised of adult men and women (18+ years): individuals with no sexual offences, and individuals with sexual offences from detention centre and clinical settings in France.
Effective start/end date2/05/22 → …