Beyond European legal integration: Legal text and the functioning of European law, 1945 to the present

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    This workshop aims to rethink the notion of European legal ‘integration’, which assumes that the law generated by the Court of Justice of the European Union has been central to the process of European integration. The project proposes to continue the move beyond narratives of ‘integration’ and binary views of law situated between Europe and the member states. We do this by focusing on the functioning of European law ‘from the bottom up.’

    We perceive of this workshop as the first step towards a joint publication, ideally a special issue in a relevant journal. Based on the feedback received during the workshop, participants will be invited to resubmit their papers as contributions for a special journal issue. It is planned to continue working with the texts on an authors’ workshop in the first half of 2024.
    Short titleBeyond European legal integration
    Effective start/end date9/11/2310/11/23