Biomechanical and microscopic evaluation of dental care approaches in maintaining a healthy and functioning oral environment

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With the aging of the world’s population and the large-scale increase in processed sugars in our diet, the need for good dental hygiene to keep teeth and gum healthy and functional from childhood to old age remains a major concern. Latest 2023 surveys reveal that 6% of adults in the UK no longer have natural teeth and most of them wear dentures, with an addition 13% wearing partial dentures. Providing the optimal dentures and their fixatives combining chewing efficiency, minimal bacteria proliferation and comfort is currently an outstanding industrial challenge.

The project aims at employing high-resolution X-ray computed tomography correlated with in situ mechanics and digital volume correlation to assess the mechanical effects of cushioning and holding of different fixatives. In addition, correlative microscopy and biological experimentation will be used to perform a comprehensive multiscale material analysis and to assess the biomechanical performance of dental products in maintaining a healthy dental environment.
Effective start/end date1/04/2431/03/27