Blockmills Historical Architectural Visualisation

  • Turnbull, Ted (PI)
  • Limpens, Anna (CoI)
  • Thairo, Irving (Team Member)
  • Cheung, Wai Chung (Team Member)
  • Hopgood, Gary (Team Member)
  • Holgate, Josh (Team Member)
  • Eytle, Keith (Team Member)
  • Chittenden, Mason (Team Member)

Project Details


This project was developed for the historic preservation team at Portsmouth Dockyards. The project used LIDAR scanning of the Blockmills building to create a virtual reconstruction. This enables virtual access to the building which is not currently accessible by visitors to the Historic Dockyard area. The key project aim was to develop a prototype to demonstrate the use of this approach to virtual reconstruction in this context.

Key findings

The prototype successfully met the client requirements for demonstrating this approach to virtual reconstruction. The understanding of the use of LIDAR in this context was also significantly developed through the prototype creation process.

The project further helped the client to identify key considerations for further development, including:
- Hardware selection and cost
- Graphical fidelity, dependent on hardware selection
Effective start/end date1/10/1930/06/20


  • VR
  • Historical Reconstruction
  • Architectural Visualisation
  • Visualisation
  • Heritage
  • Digital Heritage


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