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I set this scheme up following a non clinical transfer ( ward to ward) of a patient who was in the last hours of life. This was a scheme that meant that once a patient was identified as being in the last 24h of life they would not be transferred between wards and would be supported by the hospital to be cared for within familiar environment, even if bed pressures warranted a move to another clinical area. This scheme has since been adopted by other Trusts across the UK. West Sussex NHS Foundation Trust has adopted the scheme.

Layperson's description

Supports families and loved ones to stay in a familiar area and not to worry about arriving at the hospital to visit to find the patient has been moved to another ward. Reduces the risk of dying in a lift or corridor, shows respect and dignity.

Key findings

Following the implementation of the scheme there were no non clinical transfer of patients who were in the last 24h of life.
Effective start/end date26/01/18 → …