Centre for Enzymes Innovation (CEI) Expansion

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The project, funded by the HM Government "Getting Building Fund" through the Solent LEP, establishes the CEI Industrial Engagement Hub. The Hub expands the facilities and capabilities of the Centre for Enzyme Innovation (CEI) to bridge the gap between fundamental research and industrial application, advancing our ability to develop scalable bio-recycling and engineering biology technologies. The project includes Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Analysis, and Bioprocessing laboratories, which enable activity on lab-scale pilot studies on industrial waste material, designing polymers for recycling, and bio-enabled upcycling technologies. As a component of the Hub, the Innovation Suite provides an engaging space for collaborations to boost the economic impact and knowledge transfer of the CEI's work on enzyme-enabled technologies.
Short titleCEI
Effective start/end date12/11/20 → …


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