Co-Visualisation of the invisible past using the present values and debates

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Fishbourne Roman Palace was a massive structure that is currently partly buried under the neighbouring village and landscape. Current exploration of the sheltered ruins provides the visitors and children with interesting, but not complete, experience of the palace; it focuses only on the preserved north wing. Thus, an incomplete story is told about the palace itself and its relationship to the formal garden, taking into account the fact that the nearby contemporary village occupies a good percentage of the original land of the palace and confuses the overall perception of the formal garden.

This project is part of a bigger collaboration between the UoP and the Fishbourne Roman Palace Museum that aims to reframe the current interpretation of the palace through the co-creation of digital interpretations that engage younger generations in exploring the ruins. It aims to link the ruins and the missing parts in order to establish a complete narrative when visitors head out the sheltered ruins towards the formal garden. Academics will work with Architecture and Creative Technologies students and the local primary school in order to 1) enhance the younger generation's understanding and sense of ownership of their heritage, 2) visualise the interpretation of the missing parts of the palace, and 3) co-create new activities for children and visitors within the ruins.

Key findings

The project is still ongoing.
Material culture has been investigating and historic information has been analysed in preparation for the 3D VR building and exploration with the children from the collaborating school.
Effective start/end date1/11/1930/11/21


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