Community of Practice: Gender and Nuclear Weapons - Measuring the Impact.

Project Details


The conversation around gender and nuclear weapons has been dynamic, with multiple programmes and initiatives dedicated to the topic emerging over the past half decade or so. Approaches to addressing gender and nuclear weapons vary from online workshops, mentorships for young women in nuclear policy and written tools on implementing gender-sensitivity and gender analysis. Yet, it is unclear which approaches and methods to gendering nuclear weapons policy generate impact, and what this impact looks like. This creates a disconnect between the everyday programme work on gender and nuclear weapons, and the rationale for it. The extent to which these workstreams collaborate, or even have knowledge of one another, is limited, and, in an organisational context, gender approaches can be side-lined. This CoP creates an opportunity to collaborate with both individuals and ideas that have traditionally been marginalised within nuclear weapons policy.

Key findings

This Community of Practice (CoP) will ask a question which has been missing in projects dealing with gender in nuclear policy so far:

How are current approaches to gendering nuclear weapons policy anticipated to work in practice?
Relying on tools of policy and impact evaluation, members will be guided through the evaluation of their work and reflections on gender and nuclear weapons, critically engaging with the theories of change, assumptions, and the necessary conditions for success in their organisations and for nuclear policy writ large.
Effective start/end date28/02/2431/12/24


  • gender
  • nuclear
  • Security
  • non-proliferation