Competition to Design a Place of Memory

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The University of Portsmouth sponsored an ideas competition for the design of a place to remember those staff and students who have died during the course of their studies or work at the University. This ‘place’ may take the form of a memorial garden, sculpture, installation or other kind of work that will be located in Ravelin park to the west of the University Library where a memorial garden already exists. The competition is for ideas as to what a memorial place for the 21st century might be like and solutions could range from an entire landscape or an individual object, however consideration should be given to the location and relationship to the surrounding context.

The purpose of this ‘ideas competition’ is to explore possible concepts and to find a strategic solution which could serve as a scheme in itself, or as a basis for further decisions regarding the design development of the project.

A place of memory in this context should be intimate and sympathetic in its nature, rather than awe inspiring as many memorials to armed conflict can be. The aim is that it will provide a place in which people would find an atmosphere suited to their mood of recollection.

A place of memory should not include any direct reference to, or symbolism directly related to, any particular theology and should therefore transcend religious particularities. Thus, the challenge is to provide a memorial space that will give personal meaning for different visitors.

The place of memory provides a place for fellow students, colleagues and
their families to have a permanent remembrance of their loved ones.

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Design Competition
Effective start/end date5/03/105/03/10


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