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The creative industries in the UK have grown dramatically in recent years, becoming a power house of economic growth and innovation in the national economy. As of January 2015 the Gross Value Added (GVA) to the UK economy for the creative industries had increased 25.8% since 2008, with the creative industries contributing £8.8 million to the UK economy every hour*. In recent years the creative sector in Portsmouth has grown dramatically hence the need for the first Creative Census.

Creative Census Portsmouth aimed to take a snapshot of the size, shape and make up of the creative industries workforce in the city. It also hoped to identify emerging trends and question what are the resource needs and funding issues affecting the industry and what could help it to grow. The census looked at individuals, organisations and businesses who are either based in the city or work primarily in the city.

The census outcome has enabled us to build a much more accurate picture of the creative sector in the city today, showing how important it is locally and regionally in regards to skills, employment, investment and economic growth.

The census engaged with people working in different creative sectors such as Advertising, Marketing, Architecture, Crafts, Design (product, fashion and graphic), Film, TV, Video, Radio, Photography, IT & Software (including web design and application development), Publishing, Museums, Galleries, Libraries, Music and Performing and Visual Arts.

Key findings

Results of the creative census can be viewed in the attached document.
Short titleCreative Census
Effective start/end date17/06/1531/03/16


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