Cultural differences: Teachers experiences teaching English language in South Korean primary schools

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In recent years, South Korea have been trying to redefine the role of English in response to globalisation and as a result, private schools employ only teaching staff from English speaking countries to teach English in their classes. Such teaching posts tend to be characterised by short term, short preparation placements. This can present challenges to both staff and children in terms of initial relationships and classroom-based interactions around the language (Garton, 2012; Choi, 2015). Understanding cultural difference from child and adult perspectives in such contexts could facilitate informing preparation programmes for each to best managed and take advantage of cultural exchange.
I have an opportunity to investigate teachers’ experiences teaching English language in South Korean private schools to children age between 4 to 10 years. The underpinning rationale will address key concerns regarding preparation of teachers to operate in a novel cultural environment and children’s perceptions of their own cultural backgrounds as compared to visiting staff. This will facilitate an understanding of considerations that need to be given to preparing new teachers working in South Korea. It will also help with the preparation of children to positively engage with teachers of different backgrounds.
Short titleSouth Korea: English teachers experiences
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