Cultures of Commemoration

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Taking as a starting point the range of events which will mark the centenary of WWI, this project seeks to interrogate how different cultures/periods ‘remember’ the past, and considers the place occupied by commemorative practices in a variety of literatures. The overall aim of this project is to examine – and re-examine – how cultural production (especially, but not exclusively, British) animates, fetishises and revises the past, focusing in particular on memory, memorialisation, loss, museum culture, past scientific discourses, national identity, heritage and landscape. We are particularly interested in the resurgence of cultural and literary representations of the past in the present, and in the links between such representations and identity. This project therefore explores how different ‘pasts’ (scientific, military, literary) and key historical moments (such as the Enlightenment, the Victorian period, or the two World Wars) are ‘memorialised’ – and at times commercialised – in writing and culture.
Effective start/end date1/07/1331/08/15


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