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Bomb damage was assessed and recorded at the time by the Architects' Department of the London County Council by

*colouring in 1916 London street maps using a coded key to determine the severity of the damage. This ranged from black that signified 'Total Destruction' to yellow which showed areas which sustained minor impact.

In 1950 four low-rise apartment blocks, housing 111 flats, were built on this bomb site and have provided fair rent homes for the residents of Pimlico for 70 years. The owners, Grovesnor Estates, now wish to develop the area and have started to evict the tennants.

Cundy Street Flats' uses the same watercolour and ink visual coding, combined with contemporary architectural visualisation techniques, to imprint this history onto the building's interiors when their own future is limited.
Effective start/end date6/04/2024/05/21