DESI: The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

  • Percival, Will (PI)

Project Details


We request support here for £0.5M (at the 100% funding level) which will be used to allow scientists at the University of Portsmouth to join the DESI collaboration, as part of the overall UK buy-in to the project.

DESI is a ground-based experiment to study the expansion rate of the universe and the growth of cosmological structure with a wide-angle spectroscopic galaxy and quasar redshift survey. The 5000-fibre DESI spectrograph will allow an order of magnitude improvement in the distance scale over the redshifts 0.8
Effective start/end date1/01/1531/03/15


  • Science and Technology Facilities Council: £504,050.00


  • Astronomy - observation
  • Extra-Galactic Astron.&Cosmol.
  • Galactic & Interstellar Astron
  • Part. Phys/Astron. Instrument.


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