Developing a Virtual Conversational Agent (VCA) to help assess and monitor sexual interests and fantasies

  • Guay, Jean-Pierre (PI)
  • Paquette, Sarah (CoI)
  • Crocker, Anne (CoI)
  • Bartels, Ross (CoI)
  • Joyal, Christian (CoI)

Project Details


Research suggests that one of the most important risk factors for sexual violence and recidivism is deviant sexual fantasies and such fantasies therefore play a pivotal role in most etiological models of sexual aggression and sexual coercion and are considered the strongest predictors of sexual recidivism. When it comes to understanding sexual recidivism, sexual deviance and fantasies occupy a pivotal role. The aim of this project is to develop and test a Virtual Conversational Agent (VCA) capable of conducting evidence-based assessment and monitoring of the sexual thoughts and fantasies in clinical and nonclinical populations.

Key findings

The VCA is actually under validation among Canadian participants.
Effective start/end date1/04/22 → …