Developing a Wellbeing Compendium

  • Dunbar-Morris, Harriet (PI)

Project Details


The Compendium presents a series of examples of explicit, and implicit, interventions which improve students’ mental and physical wellbeing, each of which support and complement student support services. Many institutions have designed and implemented modules (both credit-bearing and non-credit bearing) that are explicitly intended to improve resilience, reduce anxiety, increase mental health etc., and we wish to capture a wide variety of these initiatives. However, an improvement in wellbeing can be achieved implicitly as an artefact of the activities required within an academic module and not as the intended outcome. By scoping and analysing the impact of these activities, and by including them in the Compendium, we hope to provide a holistic tool that serves as inspiration for others when considering supporting and improving wellbeing for students in higher education. The Compendium is led by Principal Fellows of Advance HE, strategic leaders in the sector, and draws on best practice across the UK and overseas.

Layperson's description

The Compendium will consist of 12 - 15 case studies. The case studies will be identified as either modules which were explicitly designed to improve student wellbeing, or modules in which improved student wellbeing was an unintended outcome.
Short titleWellbeing Compendium
Effective start/end date31/01/23 → 1/08/23