Development of the Internet marketing “roadmap” for small businesses, taking into account the experience of the UK

Project Details


Small business in Ukraine is one of the components of economic development. During the nine months of war, about 80 thousand individual entrepreneurs (IE) were registered in Ukraine. Given the current unemployment rate of 35% and the existing state programs for starting a business, the the number of entrepreneurs will only grow. The majority of entrepreneurs try to offer their products on the Internet and there are problems: entrepreneurs do not know how to start; they have a poor understanding of the efficiency of certain marketing tools on the Internet; there is no understanding of how to evaluate the effectiveness of their promotions in the Internet environment. The roadmap would greatly simplify efforts to promote the products of individual entrepreneurs in the online environment and would save time and money in this direction. It is planned to develop a guide for small businesses, which includes two components: the basics of Internet marketing and ways to effectively use Internet marketing tools for small businesses. We consider it necessary to pay special attention to the cheapest or even free marketing tools in Internet promotion, such as promotion in TikTok and Telegram channels, creation of business collaborations of different market players, because often during the war there is a lack of funds for traditional sources of advertising. Therefore, Ukrainian SMEs need to have a broad understanding of internet/digital marketing to create brand awareness as well as online purchases for their companies. There is a significant increase in CPA and CPC due to the growth of the currency exchange rate almost 2 times, so low-cost tools will be extremely useful. The project corresponds to clause 5 of the Topics of scientific research and scientific and technical(experimental) developments of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for 2022-2026 - “Socio-economic support for the development of human potential and reducing the level of social vulnerability of the population.”
Effective start/end date29/03/2331/08/23