Digitized Educational Practices: Hybrid and Connected Learning Models for Ukrainian Higher Education Institutions at the Times of Conflict

Project Details


In Ukraine, the war has reached a level of seriousness that makes it the primary impediment to education as normal. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the sole option between institutions and students has been remote/online education; consequently, higher education institutions are seeking to modify the learning/educational models for their efficacy and activity.

This project will support Ukrainian higher education institutions in identifying and establishing new educational models for hybrid and connected learning, now that the war has compelled Ukrainians to study remote/online. Through the technology-led hybrid learning models for students and industry professionals, this project will assist universities in the development of new online/hybrid educational models, improve student welfare and assistance, and boost the institutions' economic activities. Moreover, the findings of this project will also enable institutions to identify the strengths and weaknesses of hybrid and connected learning, as well as concerns regarding its adaptability and readiness. Furthermore, the findings will provide training and development recommendations for the use of certain online/hybrid learning techniques in Ukraine during war and peacetime. Lastly, the findings of this project will also help the educational policy makers in exercising the integrations of emerging technologies for future technology-led sustainable educational models.
Effective start/end date29/03/2331/08/23